Concert Archive

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Endings and Beginnings: Choral music as remembrance
March-April 2017

From four Centuries: Choral music for Advent
December 2016

From the Land: Folk songs of six countries, set for choral voices by eight composers
November 2016

Choral Reincarnations: old Latin lives anew in choral music of Ralph Vaughan Williams and Ola Gjeilo
Spring 2016

The Longest Nights: Choral music for the year's end
Fall 2015

William Byrd: Mass for Five Voices
June 2015
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Three Choral Visions: Musical responses to adversity
Spring 2015

The Muse of Midwinter: Carols and an anthem from England
Fall 2014

Choral Reflections: Human experience, as revealed in polyphonic vocal music from six centuries
Spring 2014

J.S. Bach: Magnificat
and seasonal choral music of Guerrero, Obrecht, Whitacre, Chilcott, Betinis, Jeffers, and Gjeilo

Fall 2013

A Choral Odyssey: Music of Germany and America
Spring/Summer 2013

Festive Light
Fall 2012

Many Voices of Spring
Spring 2012

For Peace at Year's End
Fall 2011

An Austria/Brooklyn Connection
Spring 2011

Byrd, Bach, Bruckner, Barber, Bernstein
Choral songs of peace and reflection
Fall 2010

From France: Choral Celebrations
in chants, motets, choral songs, and Requiems
Spring 2010

New Songs for Midwinter
Choral music of winter and Advent from the 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th, and 21st centuries
Fall 2009

Miracles of Spring
Music for Easter and Passover from the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 20th centuries
Spring 2009

Miracles of Winter
Choral music for Advent, Christmas, and Hannukah
Fall 2008

Baroque Legacies
Innovations in choral music of the Baroque era, and their echoes in choral music of the 20th century
Spring 2008

In This Tyme of Chrystmas
Advent and Christmas choral music from the 17th, 20th, and 21st centuries
Fall 2007

Choral Songs of Human Experience
Spring 2007

Candlelight Concert
Winter 2007

Choral Songs of Revelation
Fall 2006

An English Anthology
Choral Music from "This Scepter'd Isle"
Spring 2006

Choral Music for Special Times
Fall 2005

Musicians Wrestle Everywhere!
Spring 2005

Lux Aeterna Tsunami Relief Benefit
Winter 2005

Hosanna in excelsis!
Fall 2004

By Atoms Moved
Spring 2004

And Sing for Joy
Fall 2003